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At Sam’s Tobacco Barn we believe many things, substances, and experiences in life often times provide great as well as necessary medicinal properties but are often overlooked or considered “wrong” or evil by mainstream society. We sincerely advocate for a mostly plant based diet, natural medicine, and homeopathic treatments. The average American is “on” 4 pill$ per day, our medical $y$tem is di$mal, on par with third world countries, while greed, hate, debauchery, and abu$e run rampant through ho$pital$, admini$trative office$, and in many of the heart$ of tho$e who “love” the medical field. Consumed or administered in small and controlled doses, to those who do NOT have a use disorder and or are not easily addicted, we believe tobacco, alcohol, and opiate medications sometimes have their place in the overall big picture of a “healthy” lifestyle. We denounce, abhor, disagree with, and try to never practice religious or Christian legalism, extremism, fascism, or dictatorship. All human beings are sinners and broken in the Lord Jesus Christ, it is through His precious blood which we are saved, not by our own pride or knowledge. Religious elitism is a precursor to fanatical ideas which in turn lead to mental break downs, cults, and often times great tragedy and needless ruin.

Mankind has been consuming substances since the beginning, anything which may keep a person alive for another day as an alternative to their being unable to function, committing suicide, or perpetrating a horrific act of violence, should be considered as note worthy and a possible alternative. We all have a “secret life” nobody knows about, not even our parents, spouses, or children, and there is no way for them or anyone to know, this is part of the greatness and power of Yahweh Father Abba God, and should never be ridiculed or demeaned. Every single person who is alive is strong, it takes a tremendous amount of strength to be alive, we should not judge less we be judged ourselves. Love, tolerance, acceptance, tenderness, patience, forgiveness, caring, understanding, listening, giving, tithing, supporting, controlling what we say, exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight, guarding against jealousy and envy, honesty, defending those who are not present, lifting up the broken, and more, are all part of the path to God’s Mighty Kingdom. We come in with nothing, we go out with nothing, and truly we are all His children and are “in this together”.

Sam’s Tobacco Barn is named after Samuel Arthur White my grandfather, a very strong, tender, calm man. At a later time we will add more data, but for now, we would like to mention Sam’s father in law, Mr. Henry Monroe Davis (upper right), my Great Grandfather, pictured in 1911 with his daughter Wilma Lucille Davis (White) my grandmother (Sam’s wife), his beautiful wife Lattye Oscar Davis (Chapel) my Great Grandmother, his mother in law Virginia Chapel my Great Great Grandmother, and her mother my Great Great Great Grandmother. Henry was an exceptionally calm mild mannered man, didn’t talk much or have a lot to say, in fact all of the Davises were, always easy going, never upset or accusing. A butcher by trade, Henry left this life as he had lived it and was preceded in death by Lattye. At the age of 60, in 1950, he quietly passed away, alone, he was found sitting up in his chair, right where he had died. We invite you to enjoy a high quality vitola from our inventory, and contemplate on creating and leaving behind your own legacy of sophistication, lineage, and a life well lived. Here is to you Henry, thank you! ~ Marc William White Koehne aged 58. P.S. Henry’s Granddaughter Jo (mother), and I, and my son Sam, have been alive for over 171 years.

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